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Hire, Train & Deploy

We are IT Professionals with decades of struggles in managing IT projects. Having access to project ready resources, multi and niche skilled ones, would have made a big difference to our professional lives. We thus resolved to help fellow IT Projects and Delivery Managers with Project Ready resourcing!

We begun our experimentation of Project Ready Resourcing in 2010 and finally concluded that HIRE, TRAIN & DEPLOY model is the one that works for most clients and is cost effective.

We have recently refined our approach a bit to reflect our experience with our clients and re-branded ourselves as ITFORCE to reflect the fact that we are now a full stack service provider!

Our Progress

as on 31-Dec-2022



We acknowledge the complexities faced by our clients in executing successful IT projects. One of the key challenges faced by many of our clients is the difficulty in acquiring the right talent to support their projects. This challenge can stem from a number of factors such as

  • Difficulty in finding skilled IT professionals
  • High cost of Recruiting and Training
  • Inadequate L&D programs
  • Insufficient Internal talent pool
  • Tight Project Delivery schedules
  • Need for Niche skills
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Our HTD Model

As pioneers in Project Ready Resourcing, we have devised a state-of-the-art Hire, Train, and Deployment Model that prioritizes our clients success. Our unwavering commitment to delivering specialized training and upskilling ensures that our clients receive the finest resources, equipped with the skills and knowledge to make an immediate impact on their projects.

With this innovative approach, we work in close collaboration with our clients to manage every aspect of the talent acquisition, training, and deployment process. This collaborative partnership provides our clients with access to the most qualified talent at a significantly reduced cost resulting in enhanced project outcomes and minimized project risk.